ISARA (France Agro³)

ISARA-Lyon is a French "grande école" (graduate college) specialized in agricultural, food and environmental science. It is recognized by the French Ministry of Agriculture. 

Top reasons to study here

  • ISARA offers a wide range of Bachelor and Master level curricula in agriculture, food science, social science, agribusiness and environmental science.
  • Recognized in its domain of excellence: Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems
  • Students gain solid scientific and managerial abilities and a high capacity to innovate and to lead entrepreneurial actions worldwide.

Short Courses

Agriculture & Forestry (1)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)



For more than 50 years, ISARA has been offering a wide range of Bachelor and Master level curricula in agronomy, food science, agribusiness and environmental science. 


ISARA are educating high level excecutive managers from various origins to respond to the challenge of tomorrow's agricultural and food sectors. 


ISARA's research aims to identify and develop new agricultural and food production systems ways. Recognized worldwide for their expertise in Agroecology and Sustainable Food System, our research teams coordinate or participate in several European and international programmes. 


Housing services

ISARA-Lyon can pre-book rooms in students' residence halls, thus facilitating the administrative process.

  • Public residence Benjamin Delessert Public Residence
  • Public residence La Madeleine Public Residence
  • Résidence GARIBALDI
  • Résidence Les QUAIS 

Library services

ISARA Library is at the disposal of the students, researchers and professionals of agricultural and food sectors.

Student Life

Campus life

Situated at the heart of Lyon Biopôle (an international gathering of life sciences), ISARA-Lyon has been established since 2007 on the AGRAPOLE site, which includes over 50 professional organizations in the agricultural and food sectors.

  • 5-minute walk from Gerland Park
  • 15 minutes from the city centre (with the metro)
  • 1h55 from Paris and 1h40 from Marseille (with the TGV High Speed Train)
  • Close to the Alps and the Mediterrranean Coast, the ski resorts and the sea

Student clubs

ISARA-Lyon student life is vibrant thanks to the many events organized by the International Student Associations and other students clubs.

  • Sports
  • Music : Isarazik
  • Theater (With The Company "Ramoneurs De Maux", Which Is A Partner Of Villeurbanne Theater)
  • Mountain And Ski : Skisara
  • Fish Keeping : Isaraquatique
  • Botany : Botan’isara
  • Beekeeping : Isar'abeilles
  • Wine Production And Enology : Isarose / Isaromes
  • Students' Parties
  • Student Centre

Other programmes from this university

  • 2 Masters
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